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Paint the Whole House or Just One Room?

If you have ever taken on the task of painting the interior or exterior of a home, you know it’s a huge project. Even just painting one room, if you want to do an excellent job, can be a lot of work. Are you considering painting in your home? Have you been debating on whether to just start with one room or to tackle the project of painting the whole house at once? To get you closer to making that decision, this article will help you consider some of the benefits and problems with either painting your whole house or just one room for the time being.

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Painting the Whole House

You may be the ambitious type who never wants to do anything seemingly halfway. But before you dive in headlong without further thought, make sure you consider the pros and cons.


  • Once it’s all done, well, it’s all done. You won’t have to concern yourself about painting for a while. Not just one room will look fresh, but every room you step into will have the satisfying new paint to be the backdrop for your décor and everything else in the room.
  • If you’re painting the whole house at once, you won’t need to go dig out your painting tools again months from now to do another room. You will know what tools you have and you’ll know where they are.
  • You can make each room the color that you want it to be. You’ll be able to choose the color palette you would enjoy that will give your entire home a beautiful, cohesive flow. It’s amazing how much transformation just paint can bring to an entire house!
  • Everyone will get the joy of having their walls freshly painted. No one will have to wait for that next go-around of painting for their walls to finally get done.
  • If your home is older, painting the whole house can help rid your home of some of those “old-house smells” that might be coming from your walls.


  • It may take LOTS of time. In most cases, painting isn’t a quick task. Often it involves prep work before you can even get started. Remember to add in potentially removing wallpaper, patching holes, sanding, taping everything, covering floors and other things with tarps to protect them, painting corners and trim, and then finally painting the walls themselves…even if you have a smaller house, it may take longer than you expect.
  • Cost can definitely be a con in painting the whole house at once. While buying supplies and paint for just one room may not drain your bank account, getting what you need to complete every room may be more financially challenging.
  • Color selection could be overwhelming for some. Not only are you considering the cost of all the paint, but you’ll need to figure out all your colors at once. For some, even choosing the perfect color for just one room is a difficult decision.
  • Painting the whole house will mean people and possessions are displaced not just in one room, but throughout the house. There will have to be a lot of moving things and people from one room to another as you rotate through the house to complete your painting. This could make for a hectic and chaotic few days and some families may not be up for it.

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Painting just one room

Before you make a decision based on even just the pros and cons listed above, let’s cover the pros and cons of completing just one room.


  • It may be far less daunting to just consider doing one room. Depending on how much prep work will be added to the mix, this may be just the right amount of painting for you for the time being.
  • The cost may be more manageable. Especially if you are on a tighter budget, you may find it far less financially overwhelming to spread out painting rooms over a number of months or even longer, and doing just one room at a time.
  • If you have a busy schedule, it’s a lot easier to fit painting just one room into your time.
  • While you’ll want to be thinking about the general color palette you’ll ultimately want in the whole house, you only have the choose the exact paint for this one room now.
  • Most of the rest of your house can still stay in relatively good order and not as many people or things will be displaced from their rooms.


  • There is the possibility that when you do end up painting other rooms down the road, you may find that you wished you’d chosen a different color for that room because your idea of the perfect color palette for your house has changed.
  • You may end up spending more money on supplies if you are not properly cleaning and storing your tools after you’ve completed a room.
  • Depending on your family dynamic, you could end up with someone being jealous that their room didn’t get a new paint job when someone else’s did.
  • That “someday we’ll paint the rest of the house” ambition may end up not happening for years and you could be unnecessarily feeding your procrastination by choosing this route.

Let’s finish by just reiterating some of the things you’ll want to consider when painting your house with a few questions:

  • Will this decision make sense for our budget?
  • Do we have time to complete the project?
  • Can we handle the possible chaos of having the whole house being worked on?
  • Can we decide on a workable color palette?
  • If we do decide to paint the whole house, will this be too great of a project to take on by ourselves?

Hopefully considering the pros and cons as well as the questions above can help you make the decision that is best for you, your family, and your home.

For some, just the thought of painting, in general, is daunting. Remember that choosing to go with a professional painting company can help eliminate much of the stress and the time issue that you will be facing on your own. Painting companies have the equipment and the experience to do a beautiful job in your home. If you’re interested in getting an estimate to have someone else do the work for you, call us at (970) 308-2135.


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