So, it’s time to paint the outside of your house. This, naturally, is among the numerous pricey pains to owning a house and one that house owners have to endure every 6-8 years, depending on your house and siding.

Here are a couple of practical hints to assist you through the procedure.

First, identify if there is any preparation work that needs to be done prior to starting the project. Do you have any decomposed siding, window sills, hand railing, or window and door trim? Make certain you take this chance to remedy this problem prior to painting. Oftentimes, painting contractors have experience in this field (or may have resources) to provide and estimate to replace your siding or trim. Nevertheless, if your task involves changing a considerable amount of siding you may desire to call a siding pro. Ensure the painter or contractor changing your siding is using the exact same style and size you currently have or would like to upgrade to.

peeling brick
staining wood

Second, decide if you want to take this opportunity to change the color of your house. Updating the color can add brand-new spice to your home. Much like determining a paint color, it’s a lot easier to make these decisions when in the planning stage, rather than once you’ve begun working on the project. When identifying exactly what colors to use, make certain they suit your neighborhood as well as colors that already exist within your home. You already have a roof, plants, landscaping, a foundation, and a driveway present; these all have colors that have to be considered when aiming to match your home to its surroundings. Likewise, note that if you are altering your house’s color, plan on increasing your budget for the project. You might not be able to get away with just 1 or 2 coats to cover your old color. Each coat will cost more – in both time and materials.

Third, decide if you want your house hand-brushed or sprayed. If you leave it to the painting contractor to decide your project will most likely be sprayed. This is due to the fact that using paint spraying tools are quicker and most cost-effective. If you have an older home, wood siding, or it has been a while because your last painting you might desire to consider asking for a quote that includes painting by hand. Hand-brushing will offer a thicker coat and gets the paint deeper into the wood and crevasses, ensuring that you have protection from water penetration. Hand brushing is, however, more time consuming and will add cost to the budget of your project.

Finally, select the painting contractor to do your outside work. There is a great deal of rate variation for big outside tasks, so shop around. It’s important to consider quality as a factor, not just price. When you go with the least expensive bid you may end up paying for things that are not included. Some simple questions to ask are:

  • Does the painting contractor ask for a large deposit up-front?
  • Are they easy (or difficult) to get contact on the phone?
  • Are they willing to meet with you in person to review your project?
  • Do they have service cards or reviews online through reputable sources, like the BBB?

By taking the time to ask these simple questions, you can save yourself a lot of headache from hiring the wrong contractor. Painting should breathe life into your home. By following these simple tips and selecting the right contractor, you will be able to improve the aesthetics of your home while staying within budget.

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